Jupiter 2019/06/11 RGB, IR742, IR 642BP and CH4

Conditions were bad with jet stream, high altitude haze and humidity that resulted in dew concerns, so I had to act fast. From 13 RGB sequences I was lucky enough to have just one reasonable sequence, RGB #7. Then I switched to the Methane band filter and recorded a 15 minutes SER video followed by IR 742 and 642BP filters, 2 minutes each. After that my C8 corrector plate started to be dew compromised. Dew shield does not help as the planet was crossing the zenith in my latitude of -23º 36′, therefore the C8 tube was pointing almost 90º upwards.


2019-06-11-0322_8-IR 742-P_Enache

2019-06-11-0325_3-IR 642 BP-P_Enache

2019-06-11-0312_0-CH4 20 nm-P_Enache

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