Jupiter images 2018/07/28 – 21:59 UT (17 min) Visual – 22:27 UT (15 min) CH4 – 22:33 UT (15 min) IR 850nm – 22:54 UT (17 min) Visual – 2 GIF animation: from 21:50 to 22:07 UT and from 22:45 to 23:02 UT

Despite of a strong jet stream of 43 m/s, haze and air pollution, conditions were great at the time of recordings. Heat wave still predominant during this extraordinary winter in Sao Paulo and other parts of the country. Very dry with 30% humidity during the day.





Jupiter 2018_07_28 from 2150 to 2207 UT

Jupiter 2018_07_28 from 2245 to 2302 UT

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